Hi, I'm Cynthia

Catgirl who meows and sleeps
Henlo, I'm a 21 years old software engineer from Toulouse, France, who spends more time procrastinating than typing in a code editor. While procrastinating, some of the things I do include playing games, eating cookies, challenging Einstein's theory of relativity, and starting an infinite amount of side projects.

My projects

  • pronoundb.org, a browser extension to see people's pronouns on the internet
  • cynthia.rest, a website where you can interact with me over https
  • ...and way too much unfinished projects & "side" projects

My work

I've wrangled some software at tolgee.io, an open-core localization platform you can selfhost if you're not into SaaS. I highly recommend checking it out if you're looking for an alternative to proprietary crowdin or bloated weblate. 🙌

Some of my work includes:

  • tolgee-cli, a cli to interact with Tolgee easily and extract strings from your code automagically.
  • vite-plugin-i18n-tolgee, a proof of concept at compile-time based localization tooling for the Web via a Vite plugin, featuring ICU pre-processing, static analysis and error-checking, and more.
  • ...and some contributions to Tolgee itself.