Hi 👋, I'm Cynthia 🌹Pink-haired french gal turning coffee into spaghet

About me

Born and raised in Toulouse, France, I'm a 19 years old enthusiast spending her free time writing pieces of software, always with a cup of coffee and my cookies nearby.

I write most of my code in JavaScript (mostly TypeScript actually), and the rest in Rust when I need speedy code or when I want/need to end up with a single-file executable.

I go by the pronouns of she/her.

Contact me

If you want to contact me, feel free to shoot me an email! I'll be more than happy to reply. You can even encrypt your email using PGP, if you're into that kind of things.

  • Email: cynthia@cynthia.dev
  • PGP: FDDF 5DD9 34DC 5814 6C8B 3E8B CB56 1F74 DCEA E23B

For business inquires, use my professional email instead:

  • Email: cyyynthia@borkenware.com
  • PGP: DF55 8861 7AE5 D4F2 1C4E FE44 4C40 E92C CFA6 1C34

Pay me a coffee

Feeling generous? You can pay me a coffee, to help me stay caffeinated!